Horse & Livestock Shipping

Horse and Livestock Shipping

We have listed the top horse and livestock shipping companies that ship to and from Saudi Arabia. With our service, customers have the liberty of receiving up to 6 quotations in one place. This saves time, and since it allows the customer to choose the company with the best rate, it saves money too. Having been in operation for close to three decades, we have extensive experience in the importation and exportation of horses and other livestock. We thus possess invaluable knowledge and experience by the virtue of being one of the leading livestock shipping companies in the region.

In-depth knowledge in live export trade

Our partners have highly skilled and professional staff that possess deep knowledge on live export trade and thorough comprehension of the specific needs of our clients, thus giving us the ability to offer quality services at all times. The experienced operations and management teams we have ensures that there is smooth coordination between us and clients and our other partners in the industry so that the process of livestock shipping can be seamless in all sections and at all times. No matter the kind of livestock or horse you need shipped to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have what it takes to guarantee safe and reliable shipping services.

Our core values

We have a set of values to guide our partners and help us meet the specific needs of our clients around the globe. These are the pillars upon which our business is based on, and they are what make us strive to give our best to every client that opts for our services. The following summarizes the values we have as a livestock shipping company

Trust and integrity

in all our dealings with you, we will be very transparent in all we do. When it comes to the planning as well as the costs, you can expect no hidden surprises from us

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Take a look at our top quality horse shipping services.

Welfare of the livestock

we are strong proponents of animal rights and due to this, we accord the animals all the respect they deserve when shipping them. With our livestock shipping services, there is no room for animal cruelty in whatsoever form.

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Safety for our stuff

our staff are largely responsible for the safe livestock shipping services you get from and we are equally concerned about their safety and welfare.

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Continuous improvement

in order to maintain our status as one of the top livestock shipping companies in the region, we are keen to continue improving every day. This is also how you can continue to get great services from us.

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Our corporate responsibility

As one of the respected livestock shipping agencies the region, we pride ourselves in being a responsible corporate entity and we take the needs and demands of our clients and those around us very seriously. We have managed to establish a solid reputation by delivering on our word and commitment in accordance with client’s expectation as well as the core values of our company.

Therefore, we promise nothing but the very best services to all clients, irrespective of the nature of services required from us. If you need you livestock shipped to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other location around the globe, we are the most suitable company to get the job done.

Reliable horse shipping services

Many expatriates coming into Saudi Arabia never want to leave their horses behind and it is never easy for them to find the right international horse transportation companies that guarantee the safe delivery of their beloved horses into the country. We come in to fill the gap with our reliable horse shipping services.

We have been doing this for the last three decades and we will provide all the assistance you need to get your horse into Saudi. But we are not just experts in getting your horse into Saudi alone. With the extensive network of livestock shipping companies and agents we have around the globe, we are confident to say that we can deliver your horse to any place you need it.

We treat your horse as if it is our own

With our safe, reliable and hassle free international horse shipping services, we promise to treat your horse just as if it was our own. We have superior isolation stations where we accord quality care to all the horses before they are moved across international borders. All our members are well trained and have extensive experience in the horse industry and they are always dedicated to give your horse the best care possible. Additionally, we have access to several vets on call just in case your horse show indications that they need medical attention.

Shipping your horse from the United States

When you are looking forward to shipping your horse from the United States, it is a requirement by law to have the horse quarantined for a given duration. During this period, the horse will be tested for different diseases and vaccinated to comply with the import and export laws of Saudi Arabia. We will also help you complete the all the necessary documentation and paperwork as required by the relevant regulations. The following is a brief highlight of what is involved in horse shipping



you will be required to have a copy of breed association papers, a copy of bill of sale for custom clearance, vaccination documents and a the most recent negative coggins test.


Airlines and aircraft

since your horse is most likely to be shipped as livestock air cargo, the airline or the aircraft used will depend on the intended destination. In most of the cases, a single pallet stall container will be used.



It is highly recommended you get insurance for the horse to cover the costs as well as the mortality. Horses normally travel at the risk of the owners.


Health requirements

based on the Saudi’s livestock import regulations, there are various blood tests which will have to be conducted and results submitted to the embassy before the departure of the horse. We will guide you on all the necessary tests and vaccinations.

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