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Office Moving Services in Saudi Arabia

We have listed internationally recognized relocation companies offering reliable and affordable office moving services for businesses and companies relocating to or from Saudi Arabia. You can use the ShipNest international search engine to receive up to 6 quotations from the best companies in one place. All you have to do is, choose one that suits you best. We are well aware of the intricate nature of office relocation services and we avail our best personnel, experience, expertise and resources to ensure that you have the smoothest move ever to Saudi Arabia.

We work hard to overcome all the obstacles and challenges so that you can rest assured that your valuable office items will reach their intended destination without any mishaps being reported. Try out our office relocation services today and know how it feels to move with the right professionals.

Meticulous moving plans

For successful office relocation services, the planning must be meticulous. With our services, we consider proper planning and strong coordination as the foundation of our success when it comes to moving your office from one continent to another. In this regard, we take time to plan your office move to the last detail and ensure that all the components and aspects required for smooth relocation are all covered. Our planning process features the following

Pre-move survey

we know that proper communication is essential for the success of your office move. Once you choose to move your office with us, we will supply each employee with the necessary information about the move in good time.

Depending on the size of your office, we will hold a pre-move meeting to determine the specific needs of the move, out of which we will construct an operational schedule, including the costs, timelines, and any other special moving needs you could be having.

During the pre-move survey, we will also identify the key elements of the move and discuss them in detail, including any challenges or problems you may foresee. We will then prepare a comprehensive brief on every aspect of the move and answer all questions and concerns you may have.

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Onsite labeling

Labeling is an important step in office moving services. It gives us the ability to quickly identify the items being moved and where will have to be placed, thus increasing our efficiency.

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Site protection

unlike other commercial moving companies whose concern is to take your money and move you in haste, we take our time to ensure that the office of departure and arrival all are in good condition. Due to this, we will clear and protect exposed areas such as lifts and corners to leave them in a great state.

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Seamless moving on the material day

Since we already have a well prepared plan for the move, moving on the actual day will be very smooth. On the actual move day, we will carefully pack all the items and arrange for the necessary transportation to the port of exit. All electronic equipment and other sensitive machinery such as modern cabinets and servers will be packed with special care inside special packaging materials. Computers on the other hand will be packed into specially designed cartons so that they are not exposed to any damages during transit.

Furniture dismantling and assembling

We will help you dismantle and assemble furniture if the occasion calls for. It goes without saying that every piece of furniture will be wrapped and protected with water proof packaging before they are loaded for transportation. Our crew in Saudi Arabia will help you with unpacking all the furniture and other heavy items which will have been shipped.

Handling and transportation

Once everything is carefully packed and readied for transportation, we will then move them to our nearest warehouse, awaiting shipping to Saudi Arabia. Upon landing in Saudi Arabia, we will help with all the paperwork to clear the items at the customs and offer storages should it happen that the next office is not yet ready for occupation. Otherwise, we will deliver your office items to your next location in Saudi Arabia in the shortest time possible once they get inland.

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