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Pet Shipping to Saudi Arabia

You are moving to Saudi Arabia. You are very busy trying to get your act together so that you can move as seamlessly as possible. The packing and the picking up are all going on smoothly and all is set to move your belongings and your family members to Saudi Arabia, then you realize that you don’t want to leave you precious pets behind. ShipNest Saudi has the right solution for you, we are an international shipping search engine that allows customers to receive up to 6 quotations from the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia or around the world.

Now, pet shipping will always add a challenging variable to the relocation process, and given that Saudi Arabia is not a very pet friendly country, it is always an enormous task for many people to safely relocate with their pets to Saudi. However, you can simplify all the troubles and challenges associated with sending pets overseas by taking advantage of our pet shipping services.

Moving pets to Saudi Arabia

As already indicated, there is a perception that Saudi Arabia is considered as a pet unfriendly country and this is for some very good reasons. Until recently, the Saudis considered dogs as animals used for work purposes or for protection. As a matter of fact, every dog entering the kingdom can only be allowed in if it is claimed as a “guard dog”, irrespective of the type or the size of the canine.

When shipping pets into the country, you must have a letter from your vet to indicate that the pet is free from diseases and this will be accompanied by other documents as stated below. For cats on the other hand, they can gain entry as normal household pets.

Requirements for pet shipping to Saudi Arabia

The following is a summary of the requirements you will have to fulfill if you are looking forward to pet shipping to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


each pet can only be identified by microchip as there is no other form of pet identification in Saudi Arabia. The microchip used must be in compliance with the ISO Standard 11784 and it must be in place before the administration of the rabies vaccine.

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Rabies vaccination certificate

All pets shipping into Saudi Arabia must have an original rabies certificate duly signed by a vet. The vaccine must be at least thirty days old and no more than six months old at the time of entry in Saudi Arabia.

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Other vaccinations

for dogs, the following vaccinations are also highly recommended-: hepatitis, distemper, bordatella and DHLPP. For cats on the other hand, the following vaccinations are highly recommended as well-: FVRCP. All these vaccines should be valid at the time of departure and their administration should be done no less than two weeks before the date of export for maximum effectiveness.

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For dogs only

Every dog shipping to Saudi Arabia must be claimed as a working dog, and the purposes of such dogs must be clearly indicated in a vet certificate. You must also obtain permission from the embassy or the consulate of Saudi Arabia before you can ship the dog.

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these are issued within ten days of departure and you should get them from your vet. These forms are international health certificates which ought to be completed by your Vet before being send to the USDA for the necessary endorsement. Additionally, the certificate must also be sent to the Saudi Embassy for further endorsements.

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All the original documents must be present when shipping any pet to Saudi Arabia.

Evidently, the process of pet shipping to Saudi Arabia is not an easy one, considering all the requirements needed before the pet is allowed entry into the kingdom. It can be overwhelming if you are going to do it for the first time and on your own. However, you can use our pet shipping services to make the process less hectic.

We will work hand in hand with your to ensure that you are compliant as per all the requirements so that you don’t leave your pet behind. Just be sure to inform us in good times that we met all the stipulated timelines to avoid any delays.