Shipping Heavy Equipment

Shipping Heavy Equipment

We welcome you to our site and we hope that you will find all the information you need. We are an international shipping agency dedicated to offering cost effective solutions to clients interested in shipping heavy equipment to Saudi Arabia and other destinations across the globe. Our partners serve major ports of origin around the globe including USA, Europe, and Australia amongst other countries.

Fully insured international shipping specialists

It will interest you to know that our partners are fully insured international heavy equipment shipping specialist, with over three decades of marine transportation experience. They have established a stellar reputation for delivering prompt and cost effective shipping services overseas, and you are welcomed to try out their services to notice the difference. Our clients have managed to save thousands of dollars whenever they needed a reliable company to take care of their shipping heavy equipment needs.

We have the versatility, experience, tools and equipment needed to ship all types of machinery, including oversized shipping involving buses, bulldozers, mining equipment, barges, helicopters, military equipment, tanks, ship parts, industrial machinery and much more.

If you need reliable machinery hauling or you want to ship any kind of heavy equipment to or from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then we are your perfect choice

Robust methods for shipping heavy equipment

Being veterans in the industry, we have robust solutions to ship different kinds of heavy machinery. These are in place so that you choose the most appropriate and affordable options. They include the following

Roll on Roll off services

This is one of the best methods when considering shipping heavy equipment, especially when you need to move construction equipment overseas. The equipment will be secured to the ship’s deck using braces and straps so that they cannot move any how when the voyage is on.

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Collapsible or fixed end flat racks

This option is preferred in the event that there is no roll on roll off services in your destination choice or if the equipment you need to ship is unable to fit in a standard container. It can be a reliable option in instances when you need to haul heavy and irregular construction machinery such as concrete mixers.

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Out of Gauge Shipping

Out of gauge items are those that are bigger than 8 inches wide and they are often shipped on flat racks on the ship decks. The cost of shipping such items is usually based on the cubic feet or cubic meters covered by the item, making it a very expensive option, especially with international destinations and it is normally a last resort for most clients.

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Oversized containers

The use of oversized containers is very popular when shipping heavy equipment overseas. This is because such containers are known to be safe and secure, and they are also ideal when you desire to cut cost of the international shipping.

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Break Bulk cargo shipping

This option doesn’t use any containers and it is ideal for shipping individual pieces of oversized or very heavy freight that cannot be accommodated in the containers. Cargos ideal for break bulk cargo shipping include huge construction equipment, windmills, oil and gas equipment, steel, yachts and much more.

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Save money by shipping in parts

Shipping heavy equipment as whole can be very expensive and is never advisable unless there is no other option. The best way to reduce the cost of shipping heavy machinery overseas would be to dismantle the machinery or equipment into its various components so that they occupy less space. With the experience we have gained in the industry, we can help you evaluate if you need to dismantle the machinery or equipment so that it is shipped in the standard containers which will be more efficient and will cost less.

Global network of partners and resources

It is interesting to note that we have a global network of shipping partners and resources such that we can facilitate the shipping of heavy machinery from any origin port to any destination port around the globe. We also have in place operational procedures specially designed to enhance our performance when shipping heavy machinery. We are thus able to move your cargo smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively overseas.

Work with us for the best results

Work with us today for a chance to be served by experienced and well established company with an enviable reputation of shipping heavy equipment from various destinations around the globe. Contact us today or send us a message via the contact form and we will be delighted to work together with you in shipping your heavy equipment.

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