Special Care Shipping

Special Care Shipping

Planning to ship special care goods such as fine arts is never an easy task. The sentimental as well as the monetary value these goods have calls for special care shipping with a company which has an outstanding record of conducting such shipment. Unlike other shipment, you want to be certain that your goods will reach their destination safely and in one piece without any getting even a single scratch.

If you are interested in special care shipping, then you have landed on the right page. Our partners specialize in shipping all kinds of special goods and delicate items all over the world. Having served in the industry for the last thirty years, we have developed the right skills and knowledge needed to grant you the peace of mind, knowing that the real “fragile” experts are taking good care of your goods. The following are some of the features of our special care shipping services

  • We have a national and international networks to give us mover versatility in the deliveries
  • Dedicated vehicles which have been customized to make fine art shipping safe
  • Our team is comprised of professionals with adequate experience in fine art shipping
  • Secure tracks and reliable trace facilities to let you know the exact location of your items at any time.
  • Two man delivery teams, and sometimes dock handling facilities whenever necessary
  • Professional customer care executives to respond to your questions and concerns at any time of the day or night.

Proper preparation and packing

The nature of goods subjected to special care shipping demands that they need to prepared and packed properly before they can be dispatched for shipping. As a professional shipping agency, we are more concerned with the safety of the special care goods more than anything else and this is why we take our time to source the right packing materials that will guarantee their safety and protection during transit.

We know that the biggest cause of damages when dealing with special care goods is improper packing and resolve this proactively by offering the right packaging for the items. It is thus an assurance from us that when using our special care shipping services, we will guarantee that your special goods will be safe all through the shipping process.

Affordable fine art shipping

There is a perception that fine art shipping is always expensive. Whereas this is true when dealing with less experienced shipping companies, we offer special care shipping at very competitive rates. This is because we have been in the industry long enough and we now have the structure, equipment and the networks needed to move such special items and we can thus offer to do it at very competitive rates. Don’t break bank when you need to ship your fine arts. Get in touch with us if you want to enjoy the most competitive rates in the industry.

Call us today if you would like to use our special care shipping services or if you have further inquiries about the services. It will be our delight to respond to all your queries.

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